Very Obliging To Any Requests

“ShadComm Ltd. installed new programming for the kiln controls at Fornebu Lumber Company - Bathurst. They worked in a timely manner and were very obliging to any requests. We encountered an issue and they worked until a solution was found and the problem was resolved. Our project was a success and it was due to ShadComm Ltd’s professionalism and work ethic,”

Michel Doiron
Planner and Kiln Superintendent
Fornebu Lumber Company, Bathurst NB


Always Available To Provide Support

“As a sub-contractor to Sunny Corner Enterprises, ShadComm has provided the technical expertise to make our industrial construction projects successful. They are always available to provide support and have exceeded every expectation that we had,”

David Henderson, P.Eng.
Project Manager
Sunny Corner Enterprises Inc.